Building Committee

Daniel Bailly
Community Member

Stephen Bannon
School Committee Chair

Stephen Boyd
Community Member

Peter Dillon
Superintendent of Schools

Robert Putnam (membership pending)
Interim Assistant Superintendent of Schools

Christopher Barnes
MMRHS Principal

Bill Fields
Retired Teacher/School Committee

Eric Gabriel
Community Member

Jamie Goldenberg
Community Member

Sharon Harrison
Business Administrator

Ian Brown
MMRHS Assistant Principal for Career, Technical and Vocational Education

Sarah Bourla
School Committee Member

Lily Haskins-Vaughn

Stephen Shatz
Community Member

Diane Singer
School Committee Member

Steven Soule
Director of Operations/MCPPO Certified

Jason St. Peter
Building Committee Chair/School Committee Member

Kara Staunton-Shron

Ananda Timpane
Community Member

Kate Van Olst
Community Member

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